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Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Guji Zone
Farm: Hambela
Producer: The Adinews
Process: Washed & Raised-bed Dried
Elevation: 2300 meters
Variety: Heirloom
Framily noun
1) a group of individuals that you love, e.g., friends and family
2) the name for one of the delicious holiday coffees from Onyx Coffee Lab 

We love the holidays because it allows us to focus on what truly matters, framily (friends and family). For us at Onyx, we get to focus on not just our framily but also our holiday coffee Framily. This year’s version is Ethiopia Guji Hambela Buku, a single origin coffee from our own framily, the Adinews and their farm, Hambela. This is our fifth year buying from the amazing Hambela farm. We love this coffee and you and yours will as well.
Look for notes of fresh berries, earl grey, sweet cream and dark chocolate.


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