Little Amps Coffee Roasters

We're pretty jazzed on Little Amps, and hope you are too!  

First and foremost Little Amps works to source the best coffees they can and radically roast them to showcase their unique origin characteristics.  After that, it's all about how it's served.

This sounds simple, but it actually takes a lot of planning, training, and dedication to brew coffee in an efficient and friendly manner. The hope is that anyone interested in Little Amps, can easily learn about coffee, find educational and brewing resources, and get the bigger picture of the culture they're all about.

If you're a a coffee-head, we think you'll find the constantly rotating menu delicious and informative, and enjoy the various coffee formats. 

Recently entering the sixth year of roasting, and keeping amped for the future of coffee!

Little Amps Coffee Roasters

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