Finca Manzano

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Country: El Salvador

Region: Santa Ana

Altitude: 1300 – 1550 masl

Process: Washed

Varietal: Caturra

Harvest: November 2017 – March 2018

Finca Manzano is the flagship farm of Cuatro M Single Origin Coffees. Cuatro M is the name of the mill that supports and manages farms owned by Cuatro M, including Manzano and Ayutepeque. Cuatro M also invests in and supports the development of the coffee harvest from local farmers. They work with farmers based on a commitment to improving yield and quality on their farms.

Emilio Lopez Diaz is the visionary behind Cuatro M’s approach and success. I met Emilio in 2006 while on an origin trip with the Roaster’s Guild in Costa Rica. We were both eager and excited to learn what Costa Rica had to offer us in knowledge and insight into specialty coffee. Emilio then dove into the ring of research and development made available through the Specialty Coffee Association of America and molded Cuatro M into one of the premier examples of collaboration, partnership and innovation in specialty coffee. Emilio continues that commitment by serving as the chair of the Coffee Roaster’s Guild Advisory Committee.

The partnership between Blueprint Coffee and Cuatro M is rooted in the common desire to continue to innovate and learn through collaboration. In September of 2017, Blueprint Coffee members Kevin Reddy and Andrew Timko visited Cuatro M to discuss and establish parameters for a soil health project with Cuatro M. The training allowed us to learn more about Cuatro M and get a chance to discuss opportunities to source coffee.

J. Roberto Pacas-Diaz, the General Manager of Cuatro M, was our guide as we worked together to initiate a soil health program at Cuatro M. This is just one of the many projects they manage at Cuatro M and a testament to their multi-tiered approach to quality. Roberto showed us how the comprehensive nature of their operation – including soil management, variety selection, processing technique, and cupping – involves meticulous tracking of both data and cup quality.

Look for notes of caramelized pear and orange aroma, molasses and cocoa nib sweetness, and a balanced dried fig and apple acidity.

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