About Sixth Wave

Our Mission

We’re working to become the best coffee retailer in the country with the most satisfied customers.

We look for success through partnering with the best coffee roasters across the country and sharing their incredible products with our customers. Our goals are not to deliver the most coffee, but to share our roaster's creations and keep you happy. 


The Sixth Wave Promise

We have the best coffee, and we want to share it with you at the best price. Discover something unique, or grab a long-time favorite without leaving home. We're around all the time, send us a message if you have any questions or would like a suggestion. If you're ever unhappy with what you get or just not feeling it, let us know. We care about your satisfaction.

We want to become even better at what we do, so we can be the best. You are most important to us, and our team is here to help you and find new ways to keep you happy.