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Sixth Wave is based in Denver, Colorado - one of the best places to find great coffee. Surrounded by specialty roasters, Sixth Wave began as a subscription box for our customers to discover the best coffee in Colorado, letting us do the tasting and curating. 

In the process, we met roasters from around the country and discovered the wide variety of amazing coffee they produce and chose to offer more than what is available in Colorado. Part of this is letting you choose what coffee you want to drink, but helping you find it and be able to discover the best coffee, in one place.  

We've shared our mission with the roasters we partner with and they enjoy expanding their reach as well. We pay the roasters the same as any grocery store, restaurant or any other wholesaler and provide the marketplace and all marketing and content on their behalf free of charge. 

We support the craft and the amazing people who make it possible to have wonderful coffee, and do our part to make sure the coffee industry is sustainable and people are paid what they deserve. 

Enjoy the curated selection of coffee we have (and continue to) put together for you, and give some tasty coffee a try.


Sixth Wave


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