Roaster of the Week: Ruby Coffee Roasters

Ruby is based in rural Central Wisconsin in a small town called Nelsonville - choosing to be there because of the access to outdoors and recreation, amazing community, wealth of amazing food, farmers, and craft breweries, and generally inspiring culture. 

Their approach to sourcing is based on quality, sustainability, transparency, passion and collaboration. Working together with coffee producers, exporters, and importer partners to achieve responsible sourcing with an eye to the future.

Creamery Seasonal Blend

Creamery Seasonal Blend

Creamery is Ruby's mainstay blend of seasonal coffees that emphasize depth and balance in the cup. Great for vibrant, silky espresso and chocolatey, sweet drip. Components will change often
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"There's so many cool coffee roasters out there I had never heard of. It's nice to buy at discounted prices with a membership and be able to get everything in one place. Even the packaging is pretty fun." 

Jill J.

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