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Country: Ethiopia

Region: Hambela, Guji

Altitude: 2004 masl

Process: Natural

Varietal: Heirloom

Blueprint Coffee co-founder Mike Marquard states that the Dimtu station in Guji, Ethiopia is one of the  most beautiful places in the world. Set inside a lush tropical forest, the station stretches nearly as far as the eye can see with elevated drying tables full of washed and natural coffees. Colorful tarps, which adorn the tables to protect the drying coffees from rains or intense sun, make the station appear like a rainbow in the middle of the forest. Women sort freshly delivered coffee while singing. Once sorted, men haul it to a new table to begin its journey through drying. This natural lot is fruity, sweet, and a little funky. It will also make up a portion of the next version of Penrose.

Look for notes of peach, grape, cherry, tea, citrus, chocolate and silky.

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