Tektōn V.13

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We are craftspeople dedicated to exhibiting the qualities of one of the most flavorful beverages in the world. What we attempt to create and construct are flavor experiences that are balanced, intoxicating, and special. While our single origin offerings exhibit qualities that are delicious and complete by themselves, blending can create something unique that none of our coffees offer by themselves. We are inspired by French wine and cocktails like the Sazerac. By adding a small amount of five quality ingredients (sugar, bitters, lemon, absinthe, ice), a serving of perfectly good whiskey becomes a different, yet delicious, taste experience than that offered by any neat pour.

We are excited to offer Tektōn as a compliment to our single origin offerings. It matches the integrity of those offerings by remaining a seasonal coffee with a transparent supply chain. We embrace the future insight and taste experiences Tektōn will provide.

Lucky version 13 of Tektōn is all Guatemala, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s boring. Los Volcanes (formerly TG-Lab) put together a washed lot from partner producers in the Acatenango region that is just stunning. To bring some complexity and texture, we’re adding 30% of Finca Esperanza’s natural process lot, which was dried in our collaborative drying house project.

Look for notes of apple, citrus, chocolate, brown sugar, brown spice, berries and floral.

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