Ethiopia - Limu Kosa

Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Limu Kosa
Process:  Washed
Elevate:  6000 - 6500 ft.
Species: Arabica
Certification:  Organic

This Natural Ethiopian is a true fruit bomb.  Heralding from the Limu Kosa district in Ethiopia, our Organic Natural Limu boasts flavors of Strawberry Jam, Watermelon, and Shortbread.  We love this coffee because of its packed with jammy flavors that both a coffee connoisseur and someone new to specialty coffee will absolutely love.   

The Coffee Plantation is located in Ethiopia’s South Western region within the Oromiya Regional State, Jimma Zone, Limu Kosa District and is 440 KM from Addis Ababa. The plantation is found in a tropical rainforest, 1900-2000 meters high. The soil is reddish brown, deep and fertile with humus content. The farm is under suitable shade trees which are indigenous to the land, total farm size 120 hectares.

The cultural practices at the farm are geared towards balanced ecology and conservation based and grown in a sustainable way that considers social and economic aspects. Emphasis is given to maintaining soil fertility and conservation using shade, mulch, cover crop and construction ridges where there is a slope. No chemical fertilizer and insecticides are being used.

Look for notes of strawberry jam, watermelon and shortbread.

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