Uganda Sipi Falls

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It's no secret that we like African coffees at Huck. While we've usually stuck to coffees from Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, and Burundi, we've always kept an eye and cupping spoon open for the right coffee from outside of those four bedrock countries.

Over the past couple years, our partners at Atlantic Specialty Coffee have increased their involvement with the Chema washing station in the Sipi Falls region of Uganda, working with producers to improve growing practices and with the washing station itself to improve processing. We had the chance to taste several experimental lots, and were particularly impressed with this extended fermentation coffee. Chema typically uses a machine called an eco-pulper to remove the coffee's fruit, without fermentation, but in this case the washing station employed an extended dry fermentation time between removing the coffee cherry skin and washing the coffee. The result is sweet, with balanced fruit and subtle brightness, and more importantly, is clean. We've tasted plenty of Ugandan coffees in the past, but a hint of earth or funk was always a hangup, and we think this coffee shows promise.

We really didn't need or expect to buy another African coffee this year, but this coffee was an opportunity to get a foot in the door for the long haul. We only purchased a small amount of coffee from Chema this year, but are looking forward to getting to know this coffee in 2018, with the hope of supporting Chema and Ugandan coffee more in the years ahead.

Look for notes of honeycomb, craisin, soft citrus and almond cookie! Balanced, sweet and delicious.

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