Kenya - Karagoto AB

We are happy to welcome our one Kenya offering of 2018 from the Karagoto Factory in Nyeri. The factory belongs to the Tekangu Farmers Cooperative Society, with 2000 farmers (a quarter of which are female) delivering SL 28 and SL 34 coffee varieties to be processed (fully washed) at the factory.

This coffee was sourced for us by Collaborative Coffee Source, who tells us the famous Nyeri region "is  known  for  its  fertile  soils, which  are rich  in  organic  matter,  and  have  a high  water  retention  capacity.  The  soil  has good  structure,  providing  for  good  drainage  and  aeration  for  coffee  shrubs.  In addition,  the  Nyeri  region  receives  abundant  rainfall  throughout  the  year."

The Karagoto factory places a high emphasis on quality and sustainable practices, and works to re-use water and coffee pulp to maintain soil structure.  According to CCS, "Great  care  is  taken  to ensure  bean quality,  through  colour  checks, proper  fermentation  processes,  and  slow  sun drying."

The AB lots from Karagoto contains slightly smaller beans than the largest AA lots, but this doesn't at all mean a decrease in quality, as the AB lots cupped as high or higher than it's AA counterparts. While the overall flavor profile of this coffee is balanced, we think there is a lot of complexity in flavor in this washed coffee, with prominent notes of grapes, tomatoes and, berries, alongside really pleasant citric acidity and a floral aroma and finish.

"Kenya dig it?" - every coffee shop ever.
Look for red grape, floral, and blackberry notes.

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