Costa Rica - Las Lajas Micromill, Finca Calle San Juan Yellow Honey

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The second coffee from the 2018 harvest in Costa Rica is a Yellow Honey process coffee from Finca Calle San Juan, which sits at 1450 masl in Costa Rica's Central Valley.  Like our other honey-process Costa Rican offering, this coffee was processed at the legendary Las Lajas Micromill.  Las Lajas a highly regarded micromill run by Oscar and Francisca Chacon, third generation coffee producers known for being the first people to introduce honey process coffees to Costa Rica.  The Chacons categorize Yellow Honey by turning the coffee hourly on raised beds while it dries, sticky pulp fully left on.  

Las Lajas began producing honey coffees in 2008 by necessity, after an earthquake temporarily cut off their access to water.  The Chacons knew of natural processing techniques used in other countries and figured it was worth a shot to try in Costa Rica to avoid losing a bulk of their farm's harvest.

Aside from being leaders in their field, the Chacons are very environmentally minded and are one of the only certified-organic mills in their area.  Their preference to honey processing also enables them to cut back on water usage while processing coffees, as they don't have to soak the beans as long as a fully washed coffee would require.`

Unlike our Red Honey offering, this coffee from Finca Calle San Juan leans towards notes of grape and cooked sugars, more likely to show in a filter brew, but also stay very sweet in an espresso preparation.

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