Little Amps Juan Simone Velasquez

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Juan Pablo Simón Velásquez owns Las Chachajinas, a farm in Colotenango, Huehuetenango, where he tends to about 2400 coffee trees, growing both Pache and Bourbon varieties. The coffee is grown at 1950 meters above sea level, and is fully washed three times over to remove all of the coffee's mucilege. His coffee is then dried on concrete patios for 3-5 days.

We happily sourced this coffee through Cafe Imports, and chose it from the multitudes of delicious Huehuetenango coffees due to the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, and super clean notes of apple cherry and caramel.

Think of this super drinkable coffee like a pair of Chuck's. Always good!

Look for notes of apple cherry and caramel.


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