ONYX Cold Brew: Colombia San Antonio


Look for notes of cocoa, dates, brown sugar, stone fruit and creamy.

Cold brew right at home!? We use this coffee for both our Kyoto towers & our Toddy cold brew concentrate for iced milk beverages. Lower in acidity and high in sugar browning, this coffee reacts well with fats in dairy or tastes smooth and sweet on its own. Designed for cold extraction. ENJOY!



So what is it? “Well, it’s water that’s not hot, brewing coffee….”. - Brendon Glidden, Onyx R&D.

We use Colombia San Antonio for our cold brew coffee, mainly since this coffee is super sweet and has incredible date-like flavors that resonate with cold extraction and work really well with milk. If you make cold brew at home to keep in your fridge, this is the coffee for you!



“When coffee beans are heated up, they release acidic oils. According to testing using the Toddy system, the acid levels in cold-brew coffee are about a third of the levels in hot coffee,” Vicki Edgson, a nutritionist. “There are definitely benefits to cold-brewed coffee because it's more alkaline.” I read this on Google so it must be true. Honestly, we like cold brew for quick options, ready to drink options, or for iced milk & coffee beverages. It can also be used to make killer milkshakes.



350g Coffee : 56oz cool water
Ground course
~10hr steep time

Drinking Toddy Cold Brew is a great way to stave off the heat and stay caffeinated. A coarsely ground coffee steeped in cool water for at least 10hrs will result in a cold brew concentrate that's great over ice, cut with milk, or in a mocktail! The shelf life on cold brew Toddy should be about two weeks.

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