Costa Rica - Cerro La Cruz


Lot: El Micro White Honey 
Producer: Rolando Esquivel Bararantes and Family 
Region: San Marcos, Tarrazú 
Elevation: 1600-1900 meters 
Varieties: Caturra, Red Catuai 
Processing: Washed, sun-dried 

We are very excited to welcome Cerro La Cruz back to our menu for the second consecutive year! Cerro La Cruz is a new micro mill in the Tarrazú region and is owned by the Esquivel Bararantes family. We visited them in February 2017 as they were wrapping up their first season exclusively processing their own coffee and the results are outstanding. With their efficient setup, they are able to produce delightful limited releases that effectively capture the great quality potential of their coffee plants. This season we have two lots: first up is El Micro to be followed by El Higo. 

Look for notes of hazelnut, red grape and nougat.

Coffee is roasted Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and will be shipped within 24 hours of roasting. 

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