El Salvador - Talnamica


Region: Apaneca
Elevation: 1400-1550 meters 
Varieties:  Bourbon
Processing: Washed, Sun-dried

We love the sweetness-driven profile and chocolate depth of our micro lot selections from El Salvador. Every year we excitedly await the arrival of these coffees and value the important role they play on our menu. 

We have been working closely with the Ortiz family for many years to help develop the quality potential of their coffees. During our trips we have visited numerous wet mills, dry mills, and exporters with the family to cup coffees, hash out logistics, and talk about each season's unique challenges. We are fortunate to typically call the farmhouse at Talnamica our home base. The family invests heavily in supporting the community nearby the farm, including medical aid, higher wages, education, emphasis on environmental sustainability and so much more. This release represents over seven years of collaboration, growth, and dedication.

Look for notes of cherry, milk chocolate, brown sugar and lingering malty finish.

Coffee is roasted Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and will be shipped within 24 hours of roasting. 

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