Ethiopia - Yabitu Koba



Region: Guji, Uraga
Producer: Feku Jebril at Hana Asrat Washing Station
Elevation: 2160-2320 meters 
Varieties: Mixed heirloom
Processing: fully washed, sun-dried on raised beds
Taste notes: peach, honey, black tea, orange blossom

The return of our 2016 Good Food Award Winner!

In our fifth year roasting coffee from Guji Uraga, we are thrilled to offer this lot. Managed by Feku Jebril, the Hana Asrat Washing Station in the Yabitu Koba village specializes in washed coffees — after 24-48 hours in the fermentation tanks, this coffee collected from 720 farmers was soaked for 4 hours to stabilize moisture content and water activity before dried on raised beds.

This is absolutely one of our favorite coffees; it has a jammy lushness.

Look for notes of peach cobbler, honey and lots of florals. It is simultaneously crisp and refined and soft and juicy.

Coffee is roasted Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and will be shipped within 24 hours of roasting. 

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