Burundi - Kayanza

Origin: Burundi
Region: Kayanza
Process:  Washed
Elevate:  5000 - 5500 ft.
Varietal:  Red Bourbon
Species: Arabica

Landlocked in central Africa, Burundi is a small yet increasingly important coffee producing nation.  It's geographic location combined with fertile soil and equatorial climate results in near ideal conditions for coffee cultivation. 

Like much of the country, the Kayanza region is comprised of family owned micro plantations - in fact, nearly 600,000 families are involved in coffee production throughout the country.  Until 2006 the coffee industry was controlled by the Burundi government, but has since been opened to private sector investment.  This privatization has led to increased focus on quality and improved, sustainable production methods. 

Look for notes of tart cherry, cinnamon sugar and smooth.

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