El Salvador - Los Planes


Farm: Los Planes, Reserva El Pital

Farmer: Ramon de Jesus
Town: Rio chiquito
Region: Chalatenango
Country: El Salvador
Variety: Pacas
Altitude: 1800 masl
Process: Washed and 72 hours of fermentation, patio dried, hand picked.
Finca Los Planes, rests in the shoulders of the Montana El Pital, part of the Reserva de Vida Silvestre El Pital shared with the western side of Honduras. The nearest city to Ramon's coffees is La Palma, but he normally goes all the way to Nueva Ocotepeque, Honduras to obtain his fertilizer, gas and sometimes just to enjoy the fairs!
Darwin (owner of Theodore's Coffee) met Ramon in a fertilizer training in Ocotepeque in 2009 - a great guy with a unique spirit. He visited his farm and it was a delight, El Pital is a gorgeous reserve area that sometimes has temperature drops to -F! Ramon just turned 36 - and on his farm of 32 hectares, he has developed an amazing ecosystem where everything works very organically.
If you want breakfast you go and harvest eggs in the morning. There are horses, dairy and cattle, chicken and pork are raised there also - he lives in a little piece of heaven.

El Salvador has traditionally been known for bigger estates in Santa Ana. Chalatenango wasn't really on the map until Cup of Excellence came. The first year of CoE, Santa Ana was in the top places in the competition; the second year, Chalatenango "was discovered." This area has had good results due to its Pacamara variety and significant climate difference from Santa Ana: It's a much cooler climate, but a hard area to access.


Look for notes of baked apples, butterscotch, chocolate, and lemon.

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